Every year, travelers flock New York’s most popular tourist destinations. The Statue of Liberty, the Theatre District and Central Park top the list. But if you’re looking for fewer crowds and a more authentic experience, turn your gaze upward.


The first thing you have to do in New York City is travel to 230 Fifth Ave.

Take the elevator to the top floor and soak in the views. As the largest outdoor rooftop garden in the city, 230 Fifth attracts locals and travelers alike, and with brunch in the summer and a heated Igloo bar in the winter, there’s an experience for every season. There’s no better way to experience Manhattan than from a rooftop. You’ll feel like you’re at the top of the world and, maybe, you’ll find a spot you have to visit next.

Eileen’s cheesecake

The second thing you have to do in NYC is try the city’s best cheesecake.

It would take years to fully explore and absorb the New York City food scene. With influences from all around the world and new restaurants opening daily, it’s one of the most diverse in the US. But if there is one staple dessert that trumps them all, it’s the New York Style Cheesecake. Tucked between the Lower East Side and SoHo, Eileen’s Special Cheesecake has been open for over 35 years. Eileen’s cheesecake has received countless honors, including New York’s #1 Dessert by TripAdvisor.

With 20+ flavors and multiple sizes to choose from, travelers can satisfy a variety of cravings. And while there are plenty of competitors in the area that boast an unforgettable dessert, it doesn’t get more authentic (or as tasty) as Eileen’s Special Cheesecake.


The third thing you have to do is traverse the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you’re taking the subway, get off at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall stop. You’ll get the best views at sunset, but the bridge is open 24 hours a day. Pro Tip: Once you make it to the Brooklyn side of the bridge, go try the best pizza in Brooklyn at Juliana’s. If you plan on visiting New York, don’t forget your walking shoes. Not only is it the most walkable city in the country, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised ​by what you encounter on the streets of the most magnificent city.

So what is the single most important thing to do as you plan your trip to New York City?


Booking the right hotel in the perfect location at an affordable rate.

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Check out some of Unlocked's featured New York City hotels in the slideshow below.

The pool view from one of our hotels in Brooklyn.
A suite view of Manhattan from a Brooklyn hotel.
Penthouse views from one of our hotels in SoHo.
A penthouse dining room in NYC's SoHo neighborhood.
The lobby at one of our luxury hotels on Madison Avenue.
Midtown views from the suite on Madison Avenue.
Central Park views from one of our hotels.