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At Unlocked, we strive to give the best possible financial deal to all of our Bay Area clients. We also understand that different buyers have different homebuying needs, and we try to accomodate most buyers' needs with different tiers of service.

For buyers that require a more time-intensive services, including private home tours and accompanied open houses, we offer Unlocked's Concierge Plus service.

For our Concierge Plus clients, we give a 1.5% cash back rebate (instead of 2%), and in addition to our standard Buyer Concierge services, we also offer additional services like private tours and accompanied open house visits. This still offers our clients a substantial cash back rebate, while recognizing that additional services like private tours require more time and coordination for the Unlocked team.

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* rebate is subject to a minimum commission of $7,500 to Unlocked.

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Interested in getting $50,000 cash back when you buy your Bay Area home?

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Interested in getting $50,000 cash back when you buy your Bay Area home?

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