Unlocked’s Cash Back Rebate

At Unlocked, we strive to give the best possible financial deal to all home buyers and home sellers, while still providing amazing products and services.

In 2022, we are modifying our rebate structure to be 1.5% of the purchase price, subject to a minimum commission of $15,000 to Unlocked.

We have had to make these changes as our costs have increased substantially over the past two years as we have increased the services we offer our clients. We have also experienced a ~67% reduction in our offer win rate due to the competitiveness of the market, which means that on average it now requires three times as much work from the Unlocked team to help our buyers succeed in having an offer accepted. We still believe our rebate, combined with our superior products and services, represent exceptional value to California home buyers.

Unlocked Rebate if 2.5% Buying Agent Commission

Purchase PriceAmountPercent

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