What’s a Disclosure Packet?

By law, home sellers are required to complete certain disclosure materials that inform prospective buyers of any known issues relating to the home.  The list of potential issues that might be disclosed is virtually endless, from natural hazard and lead paint advisories, to easement records and construction reports.  Buyers are required to confirm receipt of these disclosures. In some cases, sellers want to get this out of the way in advance, and so they ask for sign-off on the disclosure packet as a precondition to submitting an offer.  

Regrettably, over the years disclosure packages have become exceedingly long (most are on the order of several hundred pages), complicated and full of material that often isn’t useful or relevant.  Generally, the most important disclosures are any third party home inspections or pest inspections included in the package, the sellers’ Transfer Disclosure Statement, a Preliminary Title Report and a Natural Hazards Disclosure (sometimes called a “JCP Report”). But home sellers and their agents are encouraged to be over-inclusive in their disclosures and to throw everything and the kitchen sink into the disclosure materials, so it can often be difficult to know what’s important, and what’s not.  

We’ve developed the Unlocked Disclosure Review Summary, our custom approach to reviewing home disclosures.  We’ll analyze the complete disclosure packet and highlight key disclosures regarding the home, without the hundreds of pages of noise.  If disclosure sign-off is a precondition to putting in an offer, we’ll request and review all the disclosures with enough time for you to feel comfortable about any disclosure issues prior to bidding.

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