Which Bay Area neighborhoods are the best to buy a property in?

Location, location, location.  A number of factors can impact your new home’s ideal location, including:

  • Transportation options and commute to your work
  • Local schools and school zoning
  • Crime and personal safety
  • Neighborhood culture and vibe
  • Proximity to landmarks (parks, beaches, etc)
  • Local shops, restaurants and bars
  • Views
  • Weather and micro-climate
  • Walkability and hilly-ness
  • Traffic and congestion
  • Your expectations for property appreciation

You may already know exactly where you want to buy as you currently live in the neighborhood, spend a lot of time in that neighborhood, or have friends that live there.  

Alternatively, you may be starting out your search with some rough preferences, an open mind and limited knowledge of the various suburbs and neighborhoods of the Bay Area.  The best way to get to know a neighborhood is to talk to people that live (or have lived) there, and spend time driving and walking around to get a better feel for the area. You can also contact us, and we’d be happy to understand your preferences and give some recommendations for neighborhoods to consider.

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