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Disruptive innovation is nothing new to the travel industry, but there’s one question that has yet to be answered: Where can I find the lowest rates that hotels are able to offer?

Travel fare aggregators and search engines like Expedia, Kayak and Priceline are useful if you’re looking to find the cheapest hotel in an area, but their hotel rates are still at market value. Websites like Hotwire help hotels sell off unsold inventory, but their rates are still inflated.

To get the lowest hotel rates possible, the trick is booking through a hotel wholesaler. 

Wholesaler rates were originally reserved for large corporate accounts and travel agencies, and they weren’t offered to the general public…until now. Unlocked  is one of the first websites to offer these prices to individual travelers booking online.

Hotel wholesalers are able to offer the lowest rates because they have relationships and long-term contracts with large hotel networks. But here’s the trick, they’re only allowed to offer the highest possible discount for each individual hotel in their network because they follow one rule: these prices cannot be made public.

You know, so the hotels aren’t forced out of business.

Travel-Club-Featured-1, the most user-friendly hotel wholesaler in the business, follows this rule by requiring people to become members of their club before they’re able to view the rates. The best part is that they’re so confident travelers will find the lowest hotel rates possible that they are offering the first 10,000 people a free membership

You might be wondering, “If the rates are so much lower, why isn’t anyone talking about it?” Again, because they’re not allowed to advertise these prices to the public. Remember, these hotels don’t want their lowest rates made public for obvious reasons. So wholesalers like Unlocked have to maintain an element of exclusivity.

The best news? You can try this travel hack with nothing to lose. Sign up for Unlocked and compare their hotel rates side by side to any other website, and you’ll see for yourself: no one else in the industry offers hotel rates this low.