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Unlocked: A Better Home Buying Experience

Unlocked is a better way to buy your Bay Area home. We are a fully-licensed California real estate brokerage, and in addition to helping out clients buy their dream home at the best possible price, we give our buyers a 2% cash back rebate. We have built a more customer-oriented, simpler and transparent home buying experience, to help our clients navigate the competitive Bay Area real estate market.

We really focus on putting our clients first, and have gotten excellent feedback from our clients. See our Yelp Reviews to read what our clients said about their Unlocked home buying process. We are enthusiastic about every one of our clients having a great experience with Unlocked.

The Team Behind Unlocked

Unlocked was founded by two Bay Area homeowners committed to the simple idea that there should be a better way to buy a home.


Matthew Armstrong: Matthew wishes that Unlocked existed when he and his wife bought their San Francisco home. Alas, it didn’t, but he’s excited Unlocked is now able to help other Bay Area home buyers. Matthew previously worked at Bain & Company, Bain Capital and Lending Club, and holds an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and a BCom/BSc from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.


Jesse Payne-Johnson: Jesse likes making things work. When he’s not hard at work at Unlocked, look for Jesse desperately trying to find a flat running route in San Francisco, or enjoying a hike in Marin. Jesse previously worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and the Boston Consulting Group, and is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School.


Sam Gray: Sam loves problem-solving and helping businesses grow. Sam is a Bay Area native: he was born in San Francisco, grew up on the Peninsula, and has spent much of his life living various parts of the Bay Area. Sam previously worked as a launcher at Postmates and on partnerships at 2nd Address, and earned his BA in Political Science from Pitzer College. When he's not thinking about real estate and operations, Sam enjoys trying new foods and relaxing at the beach with friends.


Naomi Kort: Naomi is Unlocked’s Lead Data Scientist, and is an active Unlocked client! She’s excited about using data science to bring transparency and predictability to the world of real estate sales and pricing. In her free time, Naomi enjoys skiing and the occasional visit to wine country. Naomi has a PhD from UC Berkeley and UCSF, and previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF in the field of neural predictive coding.


Edris Kamal: Edris has lived in the Bay Area his entire life, aside from his time at UC Davis, where he graduated with a degree in Economics. Edris is passionate about applying his data-driven and entrepreneurial mindset to help Bay Area families purchase their dream home. In his free time, Edris loves to play basketball, travel, and spend time with loved ones.


Miranda Heater: Miranda joined Unlocked motivated to bring superior customer service to the real estate industry. She previously worked in compliance and legal recruiting at a large international law firm in their San Francisco office. She has lived in San Francisco for 5 years and graduated with a BA in Political Economy from Tulane. When she's not crushing spreadsheets, Miranda enjoys trying new restaurants, petting dogs and yoga.


Charissa McManis: Charissa grew up in Cupertino and has always been interested in real estate. She loves hiking, exploring the great outdoors, listening to and playing classical piano, and fantasizing about becoming a corgi mom. She attained her degree in Business from San Francisco State, and has worked for Wells Fargo, First Republic Bank and the boutique real estate firm Postcard Properties.


Savannah Tran: Savannah likes to connect the dots with data. Previously an accountant with an accounting degree from San Diego State University, Savannah wanted to switch gears and go on a data driven career path at Unlocked. Savannah is motivated to use her critical thinking and decision making skills to assist home buyers in the Bay Area. Born and raised in Sonoma County, Savannah enjoys mediating, traveling, and checking out local businesses in her free time.


Rebakah Ahn: The first course Rebekah enrolled in was Real Estate Finance at UC Berkeley. Looking at listings available on the market was her favorite past-time, and now, it's her job! Rebekah grew up in Marin County, and graduated with a degree in Business from UC Berkeley. She enjoys the impact she can have on small businesses, and aiding their long-term growth. In her free time, Rebekah likes to hang out with her dogs, kayak, and cook.


Omar Latif: Omar was born and raised in the East Bay and has lived there his whole life. He is a first-generation Afghan-American and the son of refugee parents. Omar loves to help give back to his community and you can catch Omar watching sports (go Niners!) or spending time with his loved ones when he is not at Unlocked. Omar is studying Business Administration at SF State University.


Wally (The Wonder Dog): Wally wears many hats at Unlocked. His interests include being handsome, running around the dog park with his friends, and protecting the rest of the Unlocked team from danger (real and imagined, mostly imagined). He likes going to open homes to see (and smell) more of the Bay Area. Wally joined Unlocked from the great people at the SF SPCA.


Rico: Rico came to Unlocked with the dream of helping everyone find their perfect home (just like he found his)! Born in Stockton, he made his way across the Bay with the help of Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue. A gifted intellectual, Rico graduated top of his class with degrees in advanced keyboarding, screen obstruction and mouse deactivation. In his spare time, Rico can be found napping, napping while sunbathing, and singing at 4am.

Why We Created Unlocked

Buying a home is a big financial and emotional decision. When we bought our Bay Area homes, we were very frustrated with the home buying process. We found the process to be opaque, stressful and required a lot of manual work. We also calculated what our agents made off our transactions and thought it wasn’t justified. So we decided to create a better home buying experience, with better economics for the buyer by offering a 2% cash back rebate (the largest rebate in the Bay Area).

We’ve created a buying experience that’s more customer-oriented, more transparent and more data-driven. We’ve built tools to make your job as a buyer much easier, clearer and straight-forward. We believe that buying agents shouldn’t earn $50,000+ for closing your deal, and so at Unlocked we give 2% of the purchase price back to you, the buyer. That 2% results in tens of thousands of dollars that can go towards renovating your new home, buying new furniture, or paying down your mortgage.

We’re licensed real estate agents, and we’re also a Yale JD and a Stanford MBA who’ve worked at top-tier consulting, law and private equity firms, so you’ll be working with agents that can add a lot more than “this market is crazy!” We approach the home buying process as we do any business problem - driven by data and insight, not ‘gut intuition’. We are responsive to our customers' need, and always put their interests first. We’ve created the home buying experience we wanted when we bought our homes, and we’re sure you’ll love it, just like our past clients have (check out what our clients are saying on our Yelp Reviews).

Our Vision

Buying and selling your home should be:

  • Better Value: Traditional real estate agents make a killing on every deal. ~5% of every transaction is split between the real estate agents. With escalating Bay Area real estate values, that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars! Buyers and sellers should keep more of that money. We think there should be a better financial deal for buyers and sellers.

  • Technology-Forward: The traditional home buying and selling process is very manual, labor intensive and can leave you drowning in paperwork and legalese. As a result, you are reliant on real estate agents to complete your transaction. We think technology and data can make real estate transactions easier, faster and more transparent.

  • A Better Experience: If you spent $10,000 at any retail store, you’d be pampered like royalty. In real estate, you could spend 100 times that and still feel frustrated, pressured, confused and unimportant. We want to bring white-glove service and trusted expertise to such a big financial decision. We think that buying or selling your home should be a high-end retail experience.

To learn more about Unlocked's awesome buying process, please visit our Buying With Unlocked page, or contact us below.

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