Why Buy With Unlocked

We understand that buying a home is a big financial and emotional decision. We also know that buying a home in today’s competitive Bay Area real estate market can be daunting. That’s why you want to have the best agent by your side, providing you with the best insight and tools, and delivering you the best financial deal.

Unlocked was created to deliver a better buying experience to Bay Area homebuyers. Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients have said about their Unlocked experience.

A Better Financial Deal


1% Cash Back Rebate

The Bay Area real estate market is both hyper-competitive and expensive. Savvy real estate buyers look for every advantage to navigate the competition and to make Bay Area home ownership possible and more affordable.

Our 1% cash back rebate adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings. Some of our clients put their rebate towards paying down their mortgage. Others use it for renovations and upgrades to their home. And some use it to stretch on price to beat the competition and buy their dream home.


Buy The Right Home at the Best Price

We bring data, analysis and insight to valuing a home, so you have confidence when deciding the right price to offer. We use our expert negotiation skills to navigate the offer and counter-offer process, ensuring that our clients end up with the best possible outcome, whether that is buying the home or holding steady at their ‘walk-away price’.

Whatsmore, unlike other buying agents who push their clients to offer high purchase prices (often without any data or justification) so they can collect their commission and move on to the next client, we are more concerned with our clients’ best interest, and work with our clients to ensure they buy the right home at the right price.


Better Tools, Transparency and Insights


Data-Driven Valuation Tools

“What is this home worth and what will it sell for?” is a question we get asked a lot. While other real estate agents seem to pluck a random number out of thin air (usually a very high number), we bring data and analytical rigour to valuing a home.

For each property you’re interested in, we put together Unlocked’s Custom Valuation Report (example CVR), an easy-to-interpret dataset of recent comparable transactions, nearby listings and third-party valuations. We also summarize the analysis for you and give our expert opinion on the price range the home will likely sell.


Transparency and Insight

Sellers and listing agents will prepare a packet of disclosures about the home. These disclosure packets contain a lot of vital information. Unfortunately, they are long (200+ pages) and dense, which doesn’t make for fun, relaxing reading.

Unlocked helps you understand the disclosures through our Disclosure Review Summary (example DRS). We diligently read through the entire disclosure packet and catalog every issue we see, as well as give our assessment as to the level of risk of each issues (and provide the page number so you can reference).

We also summarise our risk assessment of the six major reports in the disclosure packet, allowing you to quickly hone in on the key issues.


Offer Strategy

When you’re ready to submit an offer, we’ll help you put your best foot forward. We’ll help you understand the level of competition on the home, and discuss with you the right offer price and terms based on how desirable the home is to you.

We are one of the most active brokerages in the Bay Area, so we really have our finger on the pulse of current market conditions. We use that insight, as well as other data signals specific to the home you’re interested in, to give you guidance on your likelihood of success at different price points.

A Better Buying Experience


A Trusted Agent - From Start to Finish

With Unlocked, you’ll work with one of our licensed real estate agents from start to finish. Your Unlocked agent will be with you the entire journey, helping your evaluate homes, submit competitive offers and deliver on a smooth and on-time closing.

Our licensed agents have a wealth of experience outside of real estate. Unlocked's founders have worked at the top management consulting, private equity and law firms, so can bring analytical rigor, transparency and superior customer service to your home buying experience.


Responsive Customer Service

Our clients are our #1 priority. We understand that the Bay Area real estate market moves quickly, and that we need to respond and react quickly to ensure our clients stay ahead of the market.

We also understand that our clients have careers, families and other commitments, and that we need to work around our client’s schedules (and not the other way around, as we’ve heard is the case with some other agents).

We pride ourselves on being highly-responsive, whether that is via email, phone or chat. We get consistently great reviews from our clients about our responsiveness and our customer service.


Seamless Process

We’ve optimized the home buying process so that it is as streamlined as possible for the buyer. We take on the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the decision-making: finding the right home that meets your criteria, reviewing our comprehensive evaluation reports, and deciding on the right offer terms for that home.

We’ve built standardized tools to help you evaluate homes that you are interested in, so you’re getting data-driven and transparent reports on both the valuation of the home as well as the disclosure information.

All documents are signed electronically via DocuSign, meaning that you spend less time dealing with paperwork, and more time focused on buying the right home at the right price.

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