Unlocked’s Cash Back Rebate

At Unlocked, we strive to give the best possible financial deal to all home buyers and home sellers, while still providing amazing products and services.

Also, please note, there are a limited number of instances when Unlocked has to slightly modify our 1% cash back rebate offer:
  • If the buying agent commission is less than 2.5%, we reduce the cash back rebate by the same percent. For example, if the seller is only offering a 2.25% buying agent commission, you’d receive a 0.75% cash back rebate. 99%+ of California properties offer a 2.5% buying agent commission, so this is a rare event, and we would let you know ahead of submitting an offer so you can adjust your offer price accordingly.
  • If Unlocked would earn less than $15,000 commission, we rebate you all of the buying agent’s commission, after deducting $15,000 for Unlocked to cover our time and expenses. For example, on a $900,000 home offering a 2.5% agent commission, the buying agent commission would be $22,500, and we would rebate $7,500 to the buyer (which is 0.83%, slightly lower than the full 1%, but still a very high rebate). The table below calculates the rebate at various purchase prices.

Under every circumstance, you are still getting the highest cash back rebate offered in California (that we know of).

Unlocked Rebate if 2.5% Buying Agent Commission

Purchase PriceAmountPercent

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