What list price should I focus my search on?

A common question Unlocked agents get asked by new buyers is something along the lines of “our maximum price is $2.5 million, so what list priced homes should I be focusing on?”

Bay Area homes generally, but not always, sell above list price; usually 10-20% above list price.  However, a home which is listed right at your budget may end up selling for below your budget, or it could end up selling for 50% above your budget.

We generally recommend focusing on homes which are listed less than 10% below your maximum price, but to keep an eye out for properties that are up to 10% over your maximum price.  While the odds aren’t great that a home listed above your maximum price sells for less than list price, you do want to keep an eye out for these homes just in case.

To get a more accurate assessment of what a particular home may sell for, please contact an Unlocked agent and we’ll be happy to complete a Custom Valuation Report on your target property.

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